Diesel Heating Paint Booth

Diesel Heating Paint Booth
Diesel Heating Paint Booth

Car Spray Booth Diesel Heating

Detailed introduction


Outside Size:7000*4000*3300mm (If contains cabinet: 7000*5100*3300mm);
Inside Size:6900*3900*2600mm;


Wall panels: Antiflaming EPS Plate,50mm thick,steel skin is 0.4mm thick, tongue & groove style, anti-flame and heat-insulation, galvanized steel roof panel.


Main door:3-fold main doors,total 3000*2500mm(W*H),with safety glass,with handles and high-pressure safety lock. Steel bending doors with film.


Side door:1 unit 700*1800mm(W*H), with safety glass windows,aluminum alloy frame, with handle and safety lock.


Basement:280mm height galvanized metal basement. All grills on the floor.


Air circulation system:
Intake Fan:2*3kw;double-inlet centrifugal fans, air capacity:20000m3/h,copper wending;
Exhaust Fan:1*5.5kw; double-inlet centrifugalfans, air capacity:17500m3/h,copper wending;


Cabinets:Material thickness 1.0mm;
Big cabinet size: 2600*1250*1300mm(L*W*H);
Small cabinet size:1600*1250*1300mm(L*W*H);
The big is for fans, small is for heating exchange and burner. 


Air ducts:Inlet air duct *1pc, bend; 
Exhaust air duct: 3pcs of straight ducts, and 1bend duct; 


Filtering system:Pre-filter, filtering rate>83%,can capture granules larger than 10μm;
Ceiling filter,filtering rate>97%, can capture granules bigger than 4μm
Fiberglass floor filter, filtering rate>70%.


Heating System: Diesel burner heating, Italy Riello G10 oil burner. 
Heating productivity: 100000 Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger, with anti-explosion hole for protection, max working temperature is 80ºC.
1* electric or manual damper;
Attached oil tank and shelf.


Lighting system:
Ceiling lights: 8units*3pcs=24pcs*20W, powder-coated light box.  
Side lights:6units*3pcs=18pcs*20W,vertically set,powder-coated light box.


Controlling system:With power switch,spray/baking switch,light switch,emergency stop,breakdown alarm,etc.Delixi electric elements.



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